There are 3 steps to joining InterKanect: (1) Register and activate your account (2) Build your interKanect page (3) Share your interKanect page url with your clients, customers, fans, followers and subscribers and start making money.


Step 1. Register and activate your account

  • Click on the Sign Up Here button signupbutton
  • Fill out the form. Note that your email address will also be your username for logging-in the future.
  • Activate your account. You will receive an email from interKanect with a verification link inside. You must click on this link to verify your email before logging in for the first time.
  • Log-into your account and start building your interKanect page. 


 How to Register and Activate Your Account Video


Step 2. Build Your interKanect Page

  1. Login into your account
  2. On the upper right of your banner, click on the cog wheel
  3. Click “Edit Profile”
  4. Click “Account”
  5. The User Name email address field should already be populated. 
  6. In the “PayPal Email” field, input the email address that you use when logging into PayPal. This may be different or the same as your User Email address. Just make sure that it is the email address you use for PayPal. THIS IS REQUIRED TO ENSURE TIMELY AND ACCURATE PAYMENTS TO YOU.
  7. Enter your interKanect password (NOT your PayPal password)
  8. Verify your interKanect password (NOT your PayPal password)
  9. Click Save Changes button


Banners are the big rectangular piece of visual real estate that lives at the top of your page. ... Put your logo front and center, create a collage of your products, or feature new items or designs in your banner — there is so much you can do with this space! Add photos and videos to promote yourself to your audience. The "About Me" section of your interkanect profile page is used to give general information about yourself. Anyone who has access to your personal profile page has access to this information. Here you can can inform your reader about your professional background, key accomplishments, personal values and any brands you may be associated with. 


How to Build Your interKanect Page



Step 3. Share your interKanect page link with your Fans, Followers, Subscribers, Viewers, Clients, and Customers.

You are now fully registered with an activated account and ready to start making money by accepting interKanect sessions.  All that’s left to do is to embellish your interKanect profile page and share your interKanect URL with clients, customers, fans, followers and subscribers.

While you are logged into interKanect your audience will see a small green dot on your avatar avatarwdot and two green buttons interkanectbuttons in the lower right corner of your banner. They can either schedule a future interKanect session with you using the Schedule interKanect Session button or engage in a live interKanect session with you now in real-time using the interKanect Now button. When you are not logged into the interKanect platform your audience will only see the Schedule interKanect Session button and no green dot on your avatar.



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