Get live on-demand advice from an online Subject Matter Expert (SME) 

InterKanect is an online marketplace for Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs). At InterKanectTM you will find vibrant SMEs with passion for sharing their vast amount of knowledge on any subject imaginable. We are uprooting the traditional ways of knowledge sharing – text, telephone, chat, blogs, forums...etc

InterKanectTM replaces all those options with a single platform that brings people together with Subject-Matter-Experts through our private, secure, one-on-one, real-time video chat & whiteborad service. It’s not a video call its an InterKanect.

We are starting a knowledge sharing revolution!

  • InterKanectTM is rethinking the dated, traditional knowledge sharing blogs, boards, forums and asymmetric videos.
  • Ever watch a video for assistance with something -- a car repair, for instance -- only to find yourself wishing you had direct access to the expert behind the video? InterKanectTM, gives you direct access to those experts.
  • Think UBER and LYFT, but instead of a driver coming to provide you a ride when you need it, a SME provides you information.

Simple, Secure, No Set up required

Four easy steps that:

  1. Find a SME who matches your needs.
  2. Contact them via a click on their profile which will initiate a connection within minutes.
  3. Tell the SME what you need, agree to a price to answer your question, and then the session begins.

Technically what’s happening? Using Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with military grade encryption peer-to-peer WebRTC technology InterKanectTM creates the video link for effective, secure, real-time voice, video and whiteboard interaction.

No software is needed or added to your computer. There is no registration, subscription, personal information is required.

We’ve spent countless hours and dollars to create the simplest experience possible.

InterKanectTM NOW!