There are 3 steps to becoming an active InterKanect Subject Matter Expert (SME): (1) Register and activate your account (2) Select your SME subject (3) Set up your SME profile.

Refer to this 3 minute 25 second video “Becoming a SME” to assist.

Step 1. Register and activate your account

  1. From homepage, click BECOME A SME button.  becomesmebutton icon
  2. Fill in the form. Note that your email address will also be your username for logging-in the future.
  3. YOU MUST ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT. Find the email from InterKanect. Click Activate your account.  Once activated you must log-in again.
  4. Log-into your account to finalize activation.
  5. You are now registered in the InterKanect system. 

Your next step is to select a subject to be a SME for.


Step 2. Select your SME Subject

There is no limit to how many subjects under which you represent yourself.  The more subjects, the more opportunity.  Also keep in mind that some subjects overlap--such as Photography/Fine Arts/Hobbies.  Feel free to include yourself in each.

  1. From homepage, click FIND A SME button findsmebutton icon
  2. Find the subect that fits your area of expertise.
  3. Under the subject description click where it says # Total SMEs. subject icon
  4. From the subject page, click Become a SME button becomesmegreenbutton icon
  5. You are now a SME under that subect.
  6. Repeat for any other subjects or move to the final step of setting up your Account Profile


Step 3. Set up your SME profile

  1. Login into your account
  2. On the upper right of your wallpaper, click on the cog wheel
  3. Click “Edit Profile”
  4. Click “Account”
  5. The User Name email address field should already be populated. Do not change this.
  6. In the “PayPal Email” field, input the email address that you use when logging into PayPal. This may be different or the same as your User Email address. Just make sure that it is the email address you use for PayPal. THIS IS REQUIRED TO ENSURE TIMELY AND ACCURATE PAYMENTS TO YOU.
  7. Enter your InterKanect password (NOT your PayPal password)
  8. Verify your InterKanect password (NOT your PayPal password)
  9. Click Save Changes button

You are now fully registered with an activated account and are ready to accept clients.  All that’s left to do is to embellish your account page to attract clients and email potential clients that you are now available on InterKanect.

Good luck!!