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    • Woodworking and Carpentry

      Become a better woodworker or maker. Have a question about set up, complex designs, or just getting started, our woodworking SMEs are here for you.

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    • Parenting

      Parenting can be difficult and complicated but we're here to help you enjoy it! Our SMEs will provide expert parenting advice and help.

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    • Human Resources

      SMEs in this category help employees, employers and human resource professionals solve problems in the workplace. Ideal for small-medium size business owners and for large company HR professionals who need someone outside the company to consult with.

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    • Lawn & Garden

      Need some gardening and/or landscaping advice? Find a SME for expert tips on outdoor furnishings, flowers to herbs, soil quality to pruning trees, and inspirational garden tour. SMEs are here with to answer your gardening questions.

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    • Marketing

      Get the business advice, tips, and resources you need to run and grow your business. Currently all disciplines and topics related to business except finance and accounting are in this category.

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    • Fitness and Wellness

      Regular exercise and physical activity promote strong muscles and bones. You will be surprised how a productive InterKanect session can be life changing. Contact a fitness/health/wellness SME today for advice or a personalized workout.

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    • Psychics

      No more faceless psychic readings over the phone. With InterKanect you get one-on-one face-to-face readings. It’s the next best thing to being there. Psychics, Tarot Card Readers, Astrologists, Mediums, Numerologists…InterKanect with them now.

    • 3 Total SMEs
    • Home Office

      Covering all aspects of working remotely. From how to set up an office, to ensuring full productivity. Our home office SMEs are here to help. InterKanect with one today.

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    • Home Improvement

      The category title says it all. This category spans all aspects of home improvement. InterKanect brings those innumerable experts out there who are ready to help you with your home project.

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    • Health and Medical

      Covering all aspects of general health and medical fields. Please consult our terms and conditions before consulting SMEs in this category.

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