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Premium Fan Engagement

iNTERKANECTTM by KBW Services, is a Premium Fan Engagement platform that enables you to generate new revenue streams by offering your fans & followers the opportunity to interact with you in live, private, one-on-one interKanect sessions for a fee. Taking fan engagement to the next level. What we call Premium Fan Engagement.

Get started in 3 easy steps:  Step 1. Click here to create your interKanect account Step 2. Create your interKanect page Step 3. Share your personalized interKanect link with your fans, followers, subscribers, clients and customers.


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How Does interKanect Work 

After you Register and activate your account you can start building your interKanect page like this sample one for Kitchen Stuff.

click on KitchenStuff to see a sample interKanect page.

IK Sample Page



Then share your interKanect link with your audience.

IK Link Sample


When an audience member lands on your interKanect page, they can either interKanect with you now or schedule a future interKanect session. 




When one of your fans clicks on the interKanect Now button you will be notified with a chirp sound and this popup message 

IK chirp Sample



Once you and your fan are connected you can then proceed to negotitate the terms of the session such as price and lenghth of the session.




Watch Our Video on the Signup Process



Watch Our Video on How to Build Your interKanect Page

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