Help On-Demand

Slow help is no help. interKanect is a platform where people can go to find help. You simply go to the site, either type in the search term for your problem or browse the various categories, select one of the helpers and you’ll be given the option to have a live person help you over video chat. Think of it like tech support but for almost any subject and you chat with a person face to face instead of over a phone or in a text chat.

Critics of interKanect have pointed out that you can find most of this stuff on the internet free of charge and that’s true. You can find tutorials for pretty much anything that explains how to do pretty much everything. However, there is an inherent advantage to having someone knowledgeable to interact with and you don’t get that advantage when you read a WikiHow link. Having someone there to answer your specific questions and concerns can help streamline the learning process and reduce the amount of troubleshooting time significantly.