Make Money Even When You Are Not Online!

By training your custom AI agent to answer questions for you, you can make money even when not online! 

There are uncountable ways to use interKanect and Make Money Online. Besides training your custom AI agent to answer questions, you can also teach someone “how to cook, how to change the PC wallpaper, how to design the admirable paintings, how to learn English, how to loose weight in 7 days, how to install applications on your Smart Phone etc. It doesn’t matter whether you’re good at cooking, fixing computers, fixing cars – the only criteria is you need to have some level of knowledge or experience on a particular subject. You don’t need a degree or have to be an expert in order to help someone. interKanect provides you an opportunity to make a few bucks, all while building a brand in a more personal way than just posting a YouTube video. You can only see so much watching a video, before you have other questions. As an interKanect Helper, you decide your availability. You can log into interKanect at any time and indicate that you’re available for a video chat session or people can use the appointment scheduling system to schedule future appointments with you. Youtuber's will immediately see the benefits of becoming a helper on interKanect. interKanect Helper's are given full control of how much they charge for their live video help sessions. You can either give your sessions for free or charge a fee for your experience. You might choose to charge by the minute or find that charging by an increment of time (say $20 for 15 minutes) works better for your business model.